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Abstract and video submission instructions
  • Submission date: From now until the end of October 31, 2007, based on the summary file. Please submit your manuscript and file as soon as possible. The manuscript will not be accepted after the deadline and we’ll appreciate if you can cooperate well.

  • Submission method: Please e-mail to for submission of the annual meeting. After submitting the manuscript, our society will send an E-mail to inform whether the submission is successful. The file name should be named in the order of the name of the first author, for example, three articles, breast surgery Wang Xiaoming 01, breast surgery Wang Xiaoming 02, and plastic surgery Wang Xiaoming 01. The same author, the same paper (same topic) can’t be repeated to different subjects. If it is a Video report, please add Video after the title.

  • Published Department: Breast Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Oncology and others.

  • Publication method:After the submission deadline, the Institute will review it and decide whether to accept it.

    • The results of the review: It is expected that by November 2, 2018, each E-mail will be notified. There is no irresistible reason after the announcement. It cannot be cancelled or changed.

    • Poster paper: According to the version of the self-made E-Poster provided by the society, sending the electronic file before the deadline would be appropriate. There will be a reading machine during annual meeting and there is no need to post it by hand.

    • Surgical video: An educational or interesting surgical film, reported as Video. When submitting a manuscript, please add video after title.

                   1、Time: Each is about 20 minutes.

               2、video format: mp4 file.

               3、16:9 (horizontal) shooting.

  • Submission format: Please be written in accordance with the writing format. Once accepted, it will be published in originals and will not be accepted for modification or exchange.

  1. Layout setting: The abstract is in A4 format, and the boundary is 1.5 cm above, below, left and right, and the two pages are limited.

  2. Typing rules:

    • English font: Times New Roman.Font size: 14 pt.

    • The title (please use bold), the author's name, service organization and unit, please use the full name, centered. When there are more than one auther, please add the bottom line under the name of the publisher. Please leave a space between the authors and affiliations. When the authors belong to different units, please add a number in the upper right corner of the name and the upper left corner of the unit, such as 1, 2, 3...

    • Paragraph alignment:Align left and right. Line spacing: fixed line height 18pt.

    • The abstract includes: Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusion. Case Reports are not under this restriction, but are still needed to be divided into sections.

    • Please refer to the example.

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