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​大會主題  Symposium

Symposium I: Surgical management of advanced Breast Cancer

Symposium II: Oncoplastic Surgery

Symposium III: Oncoplastic Surgery / Breast Reconstruction

Symposium IV: TOPBS consensus guidelines on breast cancer surgery

Prof. Hyung Seok Park
Topic:Robotic and endoscopic mastectomy: recent trends in Korea

Prof. Douglas Macmillan
Topic:Oncoplastic surgery for small and medium size breast


Dr. Ng Char Hong
Topic:Immediate and delayed contralateral symmetrisation in breast cancer

Prof. Ho Yong Park
Topic:Breast surgery/oncoplastic consensus in Korea

Prof. Hisamitsu Zaha
Topic:Consensus based Step-up Training Guide for Oncoplastic Breast-Conserving Surgery proposed by Japanese Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Society

Prof. Andrea Moreira
Topic:Trends in Oncoplastic Surgery – What, When and for Whom?

Dr. Mok Chi Wei
Current Status of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery ‒ Singapore Perspectives

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